Kryptonite and Rostec determined the share of participation in a joint venture
Concern Avtomatika of Rostec and Kryptonite (included in ICS Holding) have entered into an agreement on the definition of shares in a joint venture - the research and production company Kryptonite. Investments in the creation of a new structure that will deal with the transfer of military information technologies to the civilian sector will amount to 4 billion rubles. The agreement was signed at SPIEF-2019.

The structure of Rostec will receive a blocking stake in the joint venture - 25% and one share. The share of LLC Kryptonite will be 75% minus one share.
The joint venture will focus on developing civilian IT products. They will be based, among other things, on military technological solutions of production and research institutes of Rostec. In addition, the company will develop its own competences in information security and big data.